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INFANT adoption services

Lesbian Couple with Baby

If you're interested in learning more about the infant adoption process, please fill out the inquiry form here.


For general questions, contact our office.

Hands Across The Water is committed to serving pregnant women in crisis through non-coercive options counseling.  Most women who receive free pregnancy counseling services through our agency do not select adoption.  For those who do, Hands Across The Water's emphasis on promoting openness in adoption is one of the primary reasons why women choose our agency to make an adoption plan.  Families will be asked to explore their feelings about this throughout the adoption process.

We have found that the needs of families are not "one size fits all". Hands Across The Water is able to provide families with adoption services from start to finish, or any piece of the process needed (such as home study only, post-placement reporting, adoption petition filing, interstate adoption facilitation and/or counseling for a Michigan-based birth parent).

Adoption typically starts with a home study. An adoption home study consists of several visits with a social worker.  At least one of those visits will be in your home.  The purpose of a home study is to explore your family history, relationships, and parenting expectations.  We consider the adoption home study process a learning process - we are learning about you and you are learning about adoptive parenting.  During the home study process, you will be asked to collect documentation related to your health, finances, marital and birth certificates and criminal and social histories.

Once your home study is complete, Hands Across The Water staff will guide you on next steps towards your adoption.  We can help you create a family profile that will stand out to birth parents.  We assist you in preparing placement and/or networking materials such as a birth parent letter and photos. We will help you network and place your profile where birth parents will see it.  Hands Across The Water works with prospective birth parents who are considering adoption.  

After completion of the home study, some families may elect to work with other agencies or attorneys to complete their adoption.  Hands Across The Water can assist in coordinating with other service providers to facilitate your adoption and to assure that all State of Michigan requirements are met.

Hands Across The Water has provided infant adoption services to families and children since 2002, and has extensive experience with unique circumstances, including out of state placements, relative adoptions and completing adoptions for families using a gestational carrier.​

Hands Across The Water is committed to all families formed by adoption for a lifetime. As your child grows, we will be available to provide or locate any necessary services you or your child may need.  Families are encouraged to attend educational workshops provided on an ongoing basis. 

For more information or to contact our office, please fill out the inquiry form here.

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