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Privacy Policy

Hands Across the Water respects the privacy of visitors to its website. We strongly believe that if electronic commerce and online activities are to flourish, consumers must be assured that information provided online is used responsibly and appropriately. To protect online privacy, HATW has implemented the following policy.  


About the Information We Collect. Most of the data and information we collect through our website is used only to help us achieve our mission. It is our policy to collect and store only personal information that our clients knowingly provide.  


From Casual Web Site Visitors and General Users. We do not collect any personal information from users browsing our website. When you use the public areas of our website you are doing so anonymously. We do collect aggregate use information, such as the number of hits (visits) per page. We use aggregate data for internal and marketing purposes, but we don't collect any personally identifying information.  


From Our Clients, Donors and Other Customers. If while visiting our website you pay for services, make a donation, request information, or sign up for an event you will be asked to provide certain information. In all cases this information is submitted voluntarily. Donors and clients who are paying invoices for services will be asked for credit card information in order to complete your purchase. In most cases, we ask people making inquiries about our services to provide their name, address, telephone, and e-mail. Similar information may be submitted to us on an order form or event registration form.  


Client Lists. Our client list is not for sale. When you visit our website or become a client, your name and mailing information will not be sold to a commercial organization.  


Credit Card Account Information. We use secure transaction methods when collecting credit card information over the Internet. Hands Across the Water does not disclose credit card account information provided by our clients or donors. We submit the information to the appropriate clearinghouse in order to obtain payment.  


How We Use Cookies. Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer when you logon to a website that allow us to identify you when you return to the site. Hands Across the Water uses cookies only to support the operations of our website. We do not use cookies to track your usage or any other personal information about you. 

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