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Waiting child adoption

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Hands Across The Water's Waiting Child Adoption Program seeks exceptional families that live in Southeast Michigan for Michigan children who have been in foster care and whose parents' rights have been terminated. These youth deserve a safe and loving home with caring adults where they can chase their goals and dreams. The children whose photos appear below are those for whom we are directly responsible, but we can assist you with the adoption of any of the hundreds of children waiting in the state of Michigan (see for details). To learn more, fill out an inquiry form and our staff will contact you. 

Children available for adoption in this program will be over the age of 7, sibling groups, children who have experienced trauma and children with physical, cognitive, developmental and/or emotional delays or special needs.  This program will focus on recruiting adoptive families who have training, experiences or special skills which will enable them to parent children in these categories, or are willing and able to acquire such experience or training. 


Families wishing to enter this program should understand that most of the children will require some form of assistance outside of the family including mental health counseling, specialized medical care, medication or special education and should be willing and able to access these services for their child.  Families should also be aware that many children require these services throughout their lifetimes. 

If you are interested in learning more about any of these incredible youth, please submit an inquiry form here.

For general  questions, please contact our office.

children waiting

Sydney, a smiling young girl with colorful braids in a leather jacket


Niceto is a teenage boy in glasses who gives a peace sign at the camera.










NOTE: Due to confidentiality laws, and to maintain the privacy of these children, these brief descriptions do not include all details of needs and history of the youth.

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