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Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation Youth Council awards funding for mental health services

Hands Across The Water is excited to announce a $9,500 grant award from the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation Youth Council that will help make our work to support mental health for vulnerable young people possible this year. “There’s no better time to announce this generous award from the Youth Council than during the month of May, which is national Mental Health Awareness Month” says HATW Executive Director Katie Page Sander. “Hands Across The Water is proud to be one of the few providers in the region that accepts Medicaid payments, putting our services within reach of young people in foster care, a population we both understand and care about greatly. Our commitment to serving vulnerable young people is an unquestionable priority, and this grant will help not only bridge a funding shortfall for our behavioral health program, but also allow us to reestablish our Teen Adoptive and Foster Care Support Group.”

Therapists at Hands Across The Water provide individual, couples and family counseling, with particular expertise in serving anyone who has experienced trauma as a result of the foster care system or as part of the adoption triad.

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