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Changes to operating procedures - COVID-19

Hands Across The Water continues to adapt to the changing level of risk related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please know that the safety of our staff and clients is of utmost importance.

In compliance with MIOSHA’s COVID –19 Emergency Rules, beginning Nov. 18, 2020 through Dec. 8, 2020, staff, students and volunteers will be prohibited from in-office work with the following exceptions:

Clerical or administrative staff - To perform tasks which facilitate the completion of essential operational functions for the agency OR on behalf of staff who are working remotely. In accordance with the above-stated rules, clerical or administrative staff may be required at times in order to access files and equipment that is maintained exclusively in the office.

Child welfare staff – To supervise court ordered in-office face-to-face visitation with children and families, and/or provide or receive essential training for staff employed by the agency for less than 6 months. In accordance with the above-stated rules, child welfare staff may be required to work in the office to perform essential job duties which cannot be completed remotely (visitation supervision) and/or to ensure that essential elements of on-the-job training are thoroughly completed to ensure child safety protocols and policy requirements are met.

Additionally, Hands Across The Water and the Department of Health and Human Services is mandating the wearing of masks, both indoors and outside for all foster care personnel and visit participants aged two and over even when inside the family home. Our goal is to keep all staff, children and caregivers healthy and available for continued visits and case planning without interruption.

In addition to these business practices, all previous best practices and safety protocols remain in place.

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